Its Gonna Take a Long Time

I’ve never advertised before. In fact I was never a proponent of self-promotion. When I began to photograph commercially I really had no idea how to run a business but only that I knew I could take the pictures that would warrant running one. I started slow, following all of my favorite bloggers and writers […]

November 11, 2011

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A New Yorker is someone who longs for New York

With the recent closing of iconic NYC locations like Mars Bar and Film Center Cafe, I thought it appropriate to render a tribute to the city that I am from. I have always been nostalgic. Even for places and events and people that I have never been to or attended or met. Certain weights that […]

August 17, 2011

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Mother’s Day, Belated.

I haven’t been much for blogging these days and have just been getting out of the winter slump so bear with me! We went to East Hampton this year for Mother’s day. It was the first time i’d been to the Hamptons as an adult, and it was an interesting experience to say the least. […]

May 25, 2011

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Life Underground; New York City Subways

I’ve been taking the subway in New York City since I was very young. I had traveled with my parents before but I remember the first time I was learning to ride the subways alone and my mother as she showed me how to get to my high school which was forty-five minutes away, in another borough. […]

March 10, 2011

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