January 1, 2016

2015 “Favorites”

Okay so really its virtually impossible for me to choose favorites of anything. This started when I was young and people would ask me what my favorite color was and all I would want to say is “rainbow” because I could never choose a true favorite. Nowadays I say yellow because its happy and appeals to me but I still feel justtt a little bit of guilt for that even. Anyways, this isn’t so much a favorite’s list because I feel like every images is my favorite and especially the family portraits and the ceremony portraits which don’t get shared so often but those are the ones that so often get printed and shared first. I have to say those were the first images that we printed ourselves from our wedding! Nonetheless, these are pretty much a batch of images that got taken from the bigger 2015 favorite portfolio gallery that exists for clients and bloggers and the like just in case I need to show evidence of my skill or ability. So I pulled these out of there and here they are! By no means does this negate any of the other images i’ve taken or delivered to very happy clients but I do have to say that the reception of many of these has been relatively speaking on a higher lever, or perhaps Facebook and Instagram just decided to show these in a few more feeds than the others- who knows. Either way here they are.. a batch of my 2015 favorites.. if anyone has any interest in seeing any more you can view the full 2015 favorite portfolio in Here!

002_002_img_3429 004_004_crissyryan0898-copy 005_005_brittnibrandon0138 007_007_rachelsimon_thursday_0308 011_011_brittnibrandon_0500 016_016_brittnibrandon_1029 020_021_stacysaul0292 026_027_20151106_erinjohn0178 028_029_brittnibrandon0180 030_031_20151016_adrian_0020 032_033_slp_sarahsteve_0448 040_041_slp_sarahsteve_0508 046_047_crissyryan083 055_056_brittnibrandon0109 058_059_andrewrachel0076 059_060_img_2266 061_062_20151106_erinjohn0296 063_064_img_4947 064_065_miriampatrick1024 066_067_brittnibrandon_0484 088_093_brittnibrandon_0625 101_104_miriampatrick0778 108_107_20150917_adam_0076 123_128_erinjohn_0137 112_118_andrewrachel0007137_146_erinjohn_0102 142_152_brittnibrandon_1629 147_158_brittnibrandon_1711

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